An Introduction to Structured Word Inquiry

Have you ever tried to teach a word and heard yourself utter the phrase, "Well, English is just crazy, you will have to memorize that word"? If you have, we have good news for you, English is not crazy and there is a way to investigate words along with your students (dyslexic and non-dyslexic) to learn the true underlying structure, and never utter those words again!


  • Participants will complete online content each week. (New content is posted on Mondays of each week of the course.) Class content is interactive between the participants and instructions. Participants will read content, watch recorded PPTs and/or watch videos. Participants will respond to instructor posted questions and post their own questions, thoughts and reflections. Instructors will be on the class site throughout the week to answer questions.
  • Participants will attend 5 live and interactive webinars. The first one will be a welcome, overview of the course, and introduction to the concepts of Structured Word Inquiry. All remaining live sessions will provide an opportunity to look at words that reflect the content on the class site and an opportunity for live Q&A. Note: If you are unable to attend live sessions, the sessions will be recorded and posted on the class site.
  • Participants are required to have access to an internet connection and computer (can be accessed from most mobile devices as well).

  • Participants should have knowledge of syllable types and basic phonics strategies.

What To Expect:

  • You will learn that English is not crazy and how to find the sense in it.

  • You will learn how to find the sense of so-called ‘sight words’.

  • You will learn how to conduct word hypothesis and create word sums

  • You will learn about the interrelationship between morphology, etymology and phonology.

  • You will understand the difference between spoken and written syllables.

  • You will learn why teaching spelling and reading via a syllable model for written words can be problematic.

  • You will learn how Latin, Greek, Old English & French impact English

  • Participants will be invited to a private, moderated, Facebook discussion page where you can ask questions and work as a community to answer those questions.

What Not To Expect:

  • We will not provide you with a scripted program.

  • We will not be able answer every question about every word.

  • We will not give you a predetermined path for you to take with your students.

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Class Dates

Jan 9 - Mar 3
Apr 3 - May 26
Aug 14 - Oct 6
Oct 23 - Dec 22

FEE: $495
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